App Coiner Is It Legit or Scam? Review Here

App Coiner Review

It is common for computer, tablet and smartphone users to use lots of applications.  The marketplace for apps is huge, people invest huge amount on these apps per year. Improved competitions make it difficult for individuals to know what to purchase and so hard for developers and manufacturers to have their items or products noticed. Worry no more because App Coiner makes this situation easier. App Coiner will pay you to check apps on your tablet, smartphone or PC and make a review regarding the app. Aside from that, they also allow users download and setup the apps for free.

Getting to Know More About App Coiner

This is an application that pays individual for making a feedback or review for the applications on hand in their list.  You can select health and fitness applications, games, and cooking apps, sports and photography apps and so much more. It’s really an approach to look for the most excellent applications from the millions of apps on hand. This also allows you earn money from reviewing the apps. You will get a commission every time once they make an in-application purchase.

How This Program Works?

  1. Join App Coiner through paying 27 dollars which serve as your membership charge, after paying this amount you will have an access to the App Coiner’s members’ location. You can select an app to check or review from the app data source. Applications are offered for both Android and iOS platforms.
  2. You will be provided with a website link which is linked with that specific application once you download an app to review. The web link is in fact an affiliate web link once an individual reads your review and at the same time click the web link provided, you will earn each time they make an in-application purchase.
  3. You will write review of the application on your App Coiner
  4. Last but not the least, you get disbursed. If you review more applications, the more chance of earning.

Pros of App Coiner

You’ll get paid weekly through Payoneer, Direct bank transfer or cheque

Many applications to review added each week.

This makes sure that your tests or reviews are high quality in order to get paid fast. App Coiner has eBooks and videos that can help you make the most out of this program. They give you guides on how to supervise your site and promote the review that you have done.

No limit to the amount of applications you can utilize and so no restriction on the amount of money you can get.

It is supported with sixty days money back warranty

You do not need to market or promote applications; you just get money for testing and writing.

Easily available through smart phone or tablet devices

Cons of App Coiner

Internet connection is badly needed to access this program.

In general, this program is legit and not a scam. In case you find it hard to get earnings, you ask for a refund without questions asked. The cost of joining this program is only 27 dollars, which is a onetime charge only.

One of the most important advantages of this program is that if you test more applications, the more experience you get and more useful you become as an application tester. And what is more, you will also have the chance to earn more.

App Coiner

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