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Cash Blurbs is membership sites which will aid online marketers make the traffic they want to become successful. This will not just be about traffic which can be made between members, a viral traffic which can keep on growing outside of the site itself. So, meaning you’ll not just be marketing your service, product or opportunity to this specific group of individual- however also across the whole web.

Is Cash Blurbs Ideal for You?

Cash Blurbs is intended for people who want to make traffic through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which will expand beyond boundaries of the connections they will be capable of reaching on these social networking platforms. Aside from that, it is also intended for people who are dealing in many services or products that might be searching into ways of making viral traffic from Facebook and Twitter.

In you value the significance of developing interrelationships in trade or business, Cash Blurbs is the platform which is intended for you. It’s a good place to market affiliate products.

Pros and Cons of Cash Blurbs

Cash Blurbs like many other membership websites out there has its own and pros and cons, so let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of it:


  • You are assured of money back in 60 days when you think that this plan doesn’t give you the desired results.
  • It’s the most superb marketing platform for people that want to reach out many connections on social networking sites as possible. The potential of Cash Blurbs when it comes to the number of people one could reach is unlimited, and that is the reason why it’s the best from this standpoint.
  • Cash Blurbs has limitless memberships which allows one to post an advertisement after every twenty minutes for only 20 dollars. People who are dealing with many products or services, Cash Blurbs is the best choice for the fact that it is on hand twenty four hours a day. There’s also the choice of free membership that permits you to one advertisement a day.


  • Cash Blurbs free membership doesn’t aid you obtain much in the short time possible as will the limitless membership option. Therefore, you may end up paying for this service if you want to make the most out of it.

Membership and Prices

  • To obtain the Cash Blurbs plan, you just need to register with your email add. There are three diverse types of memberships available such as:
  • Free Membership: Allows you post ten adverts per day in order to obtain 100 percent free traffic.
  • 7 dollars for fifteen days: Post seventy two adverts per day
  • 20 dollars a month: Highly suggested the fact that you could post an advertisement every twenty minutes.


Ad is a necessity for each business, which requires drawing lots of people as it endorses its services or products for further sales and it could be relatively costly. On the other hand, you can decide on a cheaper marketing option that will aid you get more traffic and this is what CB is a better choice opposed to other costly ads techniques which you might opt for.

Cash Blurbs

Cash Blurbs

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