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Long Tail Pro Honest Review

Every day a lot of websites are added over the net. Keyword ranking could become relatively a nightmare although your website serves a niche market. This is the reason why you want a keyword research program like LTP or Long Tail Pro. This kind of tool will allow you determine the type of keywords you can utilize to position higher on Google.

What is Long Tail Pro?

LTP is a keyword which will allow you see the type of long tail keywords that you want to utilize in your website to enhance rankings. Prior to using this tool, it is important to know how this tool works, its main functions as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Through this way, you could take full benefit of it.

Important Functions of LTP

When use properly and efficiently, Long Tail Pro could do many functions which will improve keyword research.  Here are LTPs functions:

Numerous Long Tail Keyword Principles

Having a topic to talk about online is one thing, acquiring the best blend of long tail keywords to utilize in a related article is fairly another. This tool allows you to acquire many ideas of the long tail keywords you must utilize. You’ll be capable of using many keywords which are relevant to your article so to get a high rank on search engine.

Keyword Analysis

Your content is any website that has the same content as yours and likes to attract your audience. You will want to compete with such websites so as to position higher on Google. So as to beat this stern competition, you need to know their keywords and know their secret. Long Tail Pro allows you to know competitors keywords. This will enable you to get essential statistics on your specified keyword phrases. The details will take account of the best websites ranking for keyword phrase, title of these websites as well as the meta-description they utilize.

How to Utilize LTP?

You should learn how to utilize LTP well in order to become successful at inviting lots of people to your website. You want to have an idea of what keywords you like to use. Start somewhere and then input the keyword and analyze it. LTP will provide you list of URLs of the best websites that have keyword phrase which you have simply put in. You’ll also be capable of seeing the type of website titles which have been utilized to illustrate the website.

This also provides you additional details on your main competitors. You’ll learn about how viable the keywords are; the links and page authority connected to the best sites, domain authority as well as page ranks.

Long Tail Pro Cons

  • Long Tail Pro is not free. You’ll need to pay 97 dollars to get the tool for own use.
  • It takes time to get a comprehensive list of websites as well as relevant data related to the keyword phrase

Long Tail Pro Pros

  • One time purchase cost without additional subscription charges
  • Offer 60 day money back assurance
  • The metrics and statistics listed are detailed
  • Allows you to get lucrative keywords which will give you lots of traffic
  • Easy to setup


All in all if you are serious in improving your website ranking, Long Tail Pro is the best product that you want to invest in.  It offers great value for your hard earned money.

Long Tail Pro

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